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At Franklin Street Coin Company, we are constantly bringing history to the present in various unique ways. Our Cincinnati, OH, coin shop offers rare coins and other collectible memorabilia. Not only do we sell these items, but we also buy and trade! 

About Franklin Street Coin Company

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Franklin Street Coin Company was established in 1998 to serve the needs of a growing collector's market in the rare coin industry. To date, we have handled many elusive and exciting coins, currency, and collectibles that have helped collectors and investors meet their specific needs. Our coin shop is also a top buyer for all coins, currency, and similar collector items, including both gold and silver.

Selling & Buying Expertise

Our buyers are looking for all types of coins and currency. We are one of the highest payers on everything from common date coins to elusive currency. If you are getting ready to sell, then we are the coin shop for you. Call or send us an email if you want the top prices for your coins and paper money. We also carry a precious metal license and can analyze your gold, silver, or platinum pieces. 

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Contact our coin shop today to buy, sell, or trade. Speak with a full-service collectibles dealer and take a trip back in time by contacting our coin experts. Our company offers history through currency! Get in touch now to learn more about the inventory we offer, as well as the appraisal services we provide for your goods.

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